Project Cheer, in collaboration with Anglo-Chinese Junior College students (2014-2019).

Project Cheer was started in 2008 as part of the Birth Centennial celebrations of TCTF’s founder, Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan. It was also to encourage TCTF-supported organisations and students to pay-it-forward by bringing cheer to the less privileged.

The purpose of Project Cheer Wix is to roll out online resources to empower youths to run their own community initiatives, with SOPs, event planning templates and evaluation forms. 

Since 2014, TCTF has partnered Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) for Project Cheer. Between 2014 and 2019, more than 539 ACJC students connected with 1,895 beneficiaries from TCTF-supported charities.

With TCTF’s facilitation, the students met representatives from different charities to scope possible activities and venues to hold the Project Cheer session. Student leaders pooled their own volunteers. Together, they devised activities for the children before teaming up with their young mentees to bring cheer to the elderly. This “double-layered” approach promoted multi-generational bonding. Students were empowered to tailor sessions after

understanding the beneficiaries’ needs and profiles.

“To know that many people came together for the sake of others is not the same as having fun with friends and family, where we often consider self-fulfilment. To know that people love other people, is honestly such a miracle.”

Claudia Chua, ACJC student (Class of 2018)

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More information can be obtained from the Project Cheer Handbook.

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